Simple Summer Flower Coaster


sunny coaster, approximately 10 cm in diameter, very easy to make, not so easy to write a pattern for, so please let me know if something got blurry on the way.

also: look at the mug!! my friend has a fine collection of Korond pottery, i can't get enough, though there's not much about it on the net as far as i can find. still, some appetisers:

and the honey containers, yes. i have two of those, very similar to these:

 now, to the pattern.

R1:: with color A into magic ring, ch 2 (this will be the first dc), 9 dc, sl st into top of ch 2, join in with color B
R2:: ch 1 and sc into same st, then 2 sc into each dc around (20 sc), sl st into ch 1, change to color A
R3:: *ch 7, skip one st, sl st into next ch (with this you form the picot at the top of petal), sc, hdc, hdc, dc, dc into remaining 5th ch
now on circle, sk one st, sl st into next sc* (one petal formed!) and repeat between ** 9 times ending with a sl st into base of initial ch 7 (10 petals in total)
R4:: now join in with color B, and working into the sides of petals, 7 sl st, *ch 2, sk 1 st, sl st into next ch* (picot), down along the left hand side, working in back loops only: sl st 5, then, in 6th dc and first st on next petal: sc2tog
repeating around in much the same way: sl st 6 on right side, picot, sl st 5 on left sidein back loops only, sc2tog moving onto next petal
finish round with the sc2tog, finish off
R5:: for the circle, join yarn into whichever petal-top picot you please, *ch 6, sl st into next petal top* around, end with sl st into starting petal-top, secure ends

please send feedback!
and Enjoy! :)

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  1. wow-- I *really* love this-- so pretty-- so glad to have found your wonderful blog! :)