Flowery Button Badge Applique


this is a five-minute project, fairly easy, can be done in any colour combination with any choice of yarn and matching hook! have fun!

Brooch or big button: made with a 3.0 mm hook and light fingering yarn (3 ply) - approximately 1.5 inches/4 cm.
Button/small button: made with lace or thinner yarn, with a 1.0 mm hook or smaller - approximately 0.39 inches/1 cm.

R1:: with color A, working into magic ring: ch 1 (this represents the first sc), 5 sc, sl st into ch-1 (6 sc)
R2:: ch  1, and working in back loops only: sc in same st, 2 sc in each st around, sl st into ch 1 to close round (12 sc)
R3:: change to color B, and working in back loops only: ch 1, sc in same st, yarn over twice, insert hook into middle of circle, yarn over, pull yarn through (use the picture as guidance, you see where the middle of that circle is!) and make a normal treble crochet (that is, pull yarn through two loops at a time, 3 times). this will cover up the second stitch on your 12-sc circle, so you will work 2 sc's into the third sc only (back loop only, remember!). work in the same way around, always leaving one of the 12-sc's free below the treble you're doing. (6 spokes, 18 sts in total)
R4:: change to color A, ch 1, sc around in back loops only, sl st into sl st, finish off

to make the wrong side prettier, use THIS technique to work in ends while you crochet (the part with joining in the blue thread!).

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