Picot Flowers


the winterflowers.

R1:: with color A, working into magic ring (ch 1, 20 hdc, sl st in ch1), pull ring tight

R2:: * sc, (sc, hdc, dc, trc, dc, hdc, sc) in next st, skip 1 st, sc * repeat 5 times to form petals, sl st into first sc of first petal

R3:: changing to color B, * without dropping loop from hook, insert hook into center of magic ring from front to back, yo, pull to the front, pull through both loops; don't skip any stitch (first foot made), 4 sc, in trc work (1 sc, ch2, sc in second chain from hook, sc) - this is for the pointy top, 4 sc * repeat 5 times to form pointy border around petals, sl st into first foot, finish off

for center, with color B, ch 6, do a popcorn stitch beginning in second chain from hook, sl st into ch-1, finish off, attach to front by pulling loose thread to the back and tying a knot or any fixing method you think fit.

another project i undertook is a smaller applique of a pointy flower (but someone rightly remarked it's more like a sand dollar). so.

the sand dollar.


R1:: into magic ring: ch2, sc 9, sl st to top of ch2 (10 sc)

R2:: ch2, sc in same st, 2 sc in each st around, sl st to top of ch2 (20 sc)

R3:: ch2, *2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next* around, sl st to top of ch2 (30 sc)

R4:: ch2, sc in next st, *2 sc in next, 1 sc in each of next two sts* around, sl st to top of ch2 (40 sc), do not fasten off


R1:: ch4, join with sl st in first st to form a ring

R2:: ch2, then, working into the ring: sc 9, sl st to top of ch2 (10 sc)

R3:: *ch3, make a 3-dc cluster with the base of one dc in same stitch as ch3 and the other two in the next, fasten off cluster leaving a long tail* repeat 5 times to form petals: each petal requires 2 sc's from the 10-sc circle in the middle


place the flower on top of the flat circle, both with right side facing. holding the hook in the last loop of the circle, insert hook through the top point of a petal, then through the next st on the circle. YO, draw through st on circle and petal top, YO and draw through the remaining 2 loops. petal secured!

now sc in next 7 sc’s on the circle. repeat until all petals are in place. make the last 7 sc’s and close round with sl st in first st. fasten off.


draw the loose ends to the wrong side through the sc located above each petal point.

working on the wrong side, insert hook into a space right above the hole in the middle of the circle, in straight line below the petal-top sc. resurface the hook (still on the wrong side) just below the drawn-though end. pull the tail through. repeat with each loose end. in this way, all loose ends are in a neat circular bunch near the center. tie them in a knot and draw them all to the right side through the hole in the middle. they should remain hidden under the flower, so make sure you cut all the extra thread.

whoo. that’s it. enjoy!! :)

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