Owly Owl


well, this is finally an owl of mine that i'm totally satisfied with! created almost accidentally. 
you can use him as an applique for baby things (yes, mind the small parts), but i'd definitely go for a brooch.

2.70 mm hook, bulky yarn and 4 x 5 cm here.

R1:: with color A, ch 5 + ch2. make a dc in 3rd chain from hook (that is, the 5th chain from the start!!), tr  and dtr in next ch, trtr and chain 2- picot on top of that and another trtr in the same st as first trtr, dtr and tr in next st, dc in next st, ch2 and sl st into same stitch as last dc, finish off.
by the trtr, i mean: yo (4 times), insert hook in next stitch to be worked, yo, draw yarn through st, * yo, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook *, repeat from * to * 4 times
R2: (working all R2 in blo, starting at the right hand side of the right side of work) join in with color B into top of initial ch2 from beginning of R1, and ch1. sc in next dc, dc in next tr, dc in next dtr, tr in next trtr. somewhere into the picot, into the stitch below the top-most stitch or point (see pic below), make (1 tr, a chain 2- picot on top of that, 1 tr). into the uppermost point of the picot, make: dc, sc, dc. you'll be now going down on the left-hand side of the owl, doing much the same thing as on the right side, but reversed.

so: into the other somewhere-into-the-picot, that stitch below the top-most point, make (1tr, a chain 2- picot from there, 1 tr). tr in next trtr, dc in next dtr, dc in next tr, sc in next dc, ch 1 and sl st into top of ch2 from end of R1. finish off

sew on eyes and nose.
hope it worked! please let me know! enjoy!

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  1. this is so sweet. I'd like to make several to make a garland to hang in my office. thank you for sharing how you made these sweet birds. I look forward to seeing more of your blog. :)

  2. I second needlekrafter's comment. Was thinking they would make an adorable garland. Did you make the buttons on the orange combo owl? Fimo, maybe?

  3. i'm really happy you like the owls! the garland is a great idea, thanks!:) to answer: the buttons aren't my creations, i just bought the only box of them in a little shop and don't seem to find anything similar on etsy or anywhere. tips are welcome!:D

  4. Looking at them more closely, they truely do look handmade. You can even see a fingerprint on the top edge of his right eye. You could easily make your own in whatever color combos you want from FIMO clay which I believe bakes in the oven. I've also seen "shrinky-dink" buttons! Apparently there's sheets of the material available so you can cut any size or shape and decorate however you want! I'd like to try this myself. But currently I'm immersed in creating a coffee table from a crate and crocheting a t-shirt yarn rug.....so many ideas....so little time. Happy crafting!!

  5. I can't wait to make some of these little owls. So cute. Thank you for sharing you pattern.


  6. I love owls! And yours is just adorable!!! Thank you for sharing~~~

  7. This is such a cute pattern. Thank you for make it a free one. I want to make pins for my daughter-in-law's preschool class. Each year she chooses a theme for her class - this year it is OWLs. Can't wait to get started on this project. Thank you for the free pattern.